Thursday, April 23, 2015

Winter Memories

    Winter has full of sweet memories, too many snow days if you ask me but lots of chances for sledding.  So no one felt left out, we texted all our neighbors what time we'd head out to our neighborhood hill.  There were SO many kids and there was LOTS of fun falling, crashing and snow face-planting had by all.

 With the drainage pond fence at the bottom of the hill, the rule is, roll off the sled before you crash. :)  I played the role of spotter at the bottom of the hill, yelling to them when to roll off, while other moms helped everyone share the sleds at the top of the hill. Thankfully another injury free year!

 One of the post-sledding parties, Clash of Clans style! (Jon and Ashton's favorite online game they play together.)  And sledding days wouldn't be complete without White Tortilla Soup!  Yum!

 Poor tiger had to get dressed for the winter.  He spend a lot of time indoors and was very hyper a lot of the time.  He decided his new favorite place to sleep is under our bed.

 To celebrate another snow day, I decided instead of being grumpy to make something yummy.  It improved my mood being stuck at home with the crazies yet again.
 This is my attempt at using my new curling wand.  It was fun to experiment but the heat is rough on my thin hair so it'll only look like this on Sundays for church, I think.
 Jon's birthday!  He wanted apple pie for his "cake" so I made one for him.  I forgot how much I LOVE apple pie. 
 Our favorite buddy/babysitter-Lindsey!  Elise loves any time she gets to see her!
 Science Fair time!  All the kids participated in Science Fair this year!  Corynn opted for an experiment about pumping oil with the help of other liquids.  This spray bottle was filled with aquarium rocks, vegetable oil and hot, cold, salty or soapy water and measured with this graduated cylinder.  She got 1st place and was able to go to Districts.  So cool!
 Elise getting a fingernail painting before church one Sunday.  Jon's so cute!

 Taison got his Wolf!  I've never seen someone so self-motivated to get his scout stuff done!  He's driven to get as much as possible!  It's amazing!

Elise loves hugging her special buddies-Annalee and Avery! 

 Basketball season was so fun this year!  Taison and Corynn both tried it out for the first time and made SO many improvements!
 Such fun seasons, teammates and parents to chat with each week!  Corynn was awesome at defense but couldn't seem to be confident with the ball. Her team worked hard all season to help her get a chance to score!  The last two games she scored 5 shots!  We were SO excited and I think she got a little eager to keep it up!
 Corynn's 5th grade Character Biography project- She chose Sacajewea who she's loved and researched since 2nd grade.  She loves Native American Indian things.  We had fun turning a brown oversized dress from Salvation Army into this dress by cutting the fringe on the bottom and sleeves and turning a dark brown t-shirt into the purse/satchel. Beads from Walmart, and feathers from Michaels, she was all set.
 Corynn and Ashton playing around with the camera and the hill behind the fence. They are quite creative!

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