Thursday, April 23, 2015

Doing Dishes

        After 13 years of being a stay at home mom and running around trying to get things done, I've found a way to get the basic things done so my house looks normal most days.  After the kids leave for school, if I give myself about 30 minutes to do dishes and clean the counters, the world seems less stressful and more beautiful.  I don't really like doing dishes more than once a day, and with our family of 5 kids, I can usually get things in one load.  I  don't have time to do dishes until after the kids are in bed at night and the noise often keeps the littlest ones awake.  So I prefer to do them first thing in the morning after they go to school. 
        As silly as it sounds, I've realized that there's been a pattern to my dishwasher loading that seems to make things faster for me.  First I get all the cups out of the sink and into the dishwasher.  Their strange shapes make the dish pile seem larger than life and overflowing.  While I'm doing that, I find an already dirty bowl and fill it with water and set it on the counter.  As I'm hunting for cups, I put all the silverware and spatulas in the bowl to soak. 
        Next I rinse off the plates and set them off to the side in a stack.  As they sit there, the rinsing them off seems to give them enough water to soften any hardened food.  Bowls go in next, then the plates which have hopefully had enough time and with a quick scrub the food seems to come off quickly.  Then bigger bowls go in.  Then I scrub the left sink clean and hand wash the pots and pans, or bigger bulky items and set them in the sink to dry.  Last I pull the silverware out of the bowl of water, give them a passing scrub and put them in the dishwasher.  I use a Scrub brush from Pampered chef that lasts for years and when the dishes are loaded and ready to turn on, I put the scrub brush in the dishwasher near the plates.  It always come out clean and ready to go again. 
          Then lastly, I wipe down the counters and do a quick de-cluttering and run a broom around the kitchen. When I come home from errands, or preschool or staying home getting other things done, it's SO nice to find the dishwasher done, the pots and pans all dried and the counters reflecting clean.  Somehow having a clean kitchen, makes the rest of the house seem not so messy.  :)

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