Thursday, June 12, 2014

When Can a Child Be Left Alone?

A friend asked me where I got my age listings for babysitting.  In 3rd grade, our students get taught how to stay at home and be safe.  They also come home with a flyer listing these ages.  They differ from county to county but they seem to be somewhat the same, give or take a year. 

Here's what our county recommends.

Child Supervision Guidelines

Before being left alone children need to be trained in self-care techniques such as knowledge of how to deal with: emergencies conflicts with friends/siblings handling loneliness/boredom personal safety simple first aid and fear. They must know how to reach a responsible adult if needed.       

Ages 0-8: May not be left unsupervised
Ages 9-11: No more than 1.5 hours alone – days only
Ages 12-15: May be left alone all day
Ages 16-17: May be left alone all night or over the weekend 

Babysitting Guidelines:

Ages 12-13: May babysit children up to 4 hours
Ages 14-15: May babysit over 4 hours – not overnight or over weekends
Ages 16-17: May babysit children overnight or over the weekend 

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