Thursday, June 12, 2014

Simplifying Chores..Again

       During the school year our lives get so busy, I feel like my kids hardly help around the house.  Too many days in a row of craziness and our house is a disaster.  Afternoons are filled with activities, lessons, and church.  But a few days a week the kids do a couple of things that help keep our house clean.  I feel like with a little bit of their help, we can manage the chaos and the mess.  I used to do job charts while I was teaching the kids how to help clean, but they are getting it down so they don't need the visual reminder.
        Depending on when the sport events are, we give those days the easiest jobs.  The more empty evenings the longer the jobs. Right now our mellow evenings are Mondays and Wednesdays.  Before they can have "screen time" they have to get their homework, piano and the chore done. 
          So Mondays the kids fold their laundry and put it away. Tuesday they work together to empty trash cans.  Wednesday they clean  and vacuum their area on the main level.  Ashton has the family room, Corynn the living room, Taison the kitchen table area, and Tyler is to help Ashton.  (I use the "Cleaning your area" chore right before people come over to get the house looking better quickly.  It's very helpful!)   Thursday night we usually forget.  Friday, they pick up their rooms and vacuum so that the weekend doesn't feel so awful and messy.
       If there's something that's really dirty like the bathrooms, floors, sinks, bird cage, etc. we do one of those things on a Saturday together.  But other than that, the cleaning is pretty minimal.
           Just having the kids help me clean these main area make my life much simpler. Jon and I just have to keep up with the dishes, meals and kitchen counters and everything else seems to be OK. 
     Waking up this morning to a spotless main level reminded me how much I love it when my kids clean.  They are finally getting good at it and at their video games too. :)

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