Monday, January 16, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween is one of the funnest holidays!  We're not into too much of the spooky and creepy parts of Halloween but we love dressing up and making silly food.  This year since we knew Baby Elise would be coming around that time of year, we started asking the kids early, what they'd like to be for Halloween.  The consensus was to have the family theme of the Scooby Doo Gang.  It was SO fun coming up with the costumes.  As you know, I'm not much of a sew-er, but I do sew a little.  I love to take things people have already made, via thrift stores, and hot glue things together, unstitch parts and sew a little to make it appear to be a real costume.  My costume ended up being the only one I actually bought because an orange wig was the same price as the full costume.
Taison and Tyler were Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo.  I looked and looked for reasonable priced Scooby Doo costumes but found nothing under $15.  On a whim I went to a thrift store and found their halloween costumes all for $1.99.  There were no dog costumes but tons of lion costumes.  Then it dawned on me, I could cut the manes off and hot glue some colored felt on them to make them dogs.  We took a head band from Corynn's hair stuff and glued little ears on them.

Jon and Ashton's costumes were pretty easy, just buying colored T-shirts and jeans.  Then Corynn's was an adult orange sweater that I cut a little off the sleeves and sides then sewed those pieces o make into Velma's orange stockings and head band.  Her wig was fun for her to play with.  The only down side to our family theme was that I didn't have time to make or think of anything for Elise. The kids suggested she be a monster but it just didn't seem fitting for such an angel baby to be a monster.

Tyler and Brynna, the cute cow-girl
The whole Trick or Treating Gang- Bryson is the Darth Vader.
Our hotdog mummies, mashed potatoes monsters, carrot stick monster fingers and punch with gummy worms was our Halloween Feast.  It's always silly and fun to prepare this to meal.
And of course, we finished off the night by Trick or Treating.  Our neighbors Kevin and Vanessa and the kids' favorite, their dog Cloe, were excited to see them in their costumes.  While I stayed home with Elise and my parents to give out candy, Jon, Kami and Grandma Sandy drove the kids around the neighborhood to trick or treat.  Poor Jon was all worn out after a busy week from the hospital trip two days prior.  He was a real trooper to not let the kids down and let me keep Elise home.

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  1. These Scooby Doo inspired costumes are just what I have in mind for my niece's family for 2012 Halloween costumes!