Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cub Scout Skits

We had a fun time preparing these skits for cub scouts.  This past month we practiced a silly song each den meeting.  We choose "Tom the Toad"  a song about road kill, "I Met a Bear" and "Boom a Chicka Boom".  The boys were young enough and silly enough to think these songs were hilarious.  :)

From the cub scout website, I found a bunch of skits that didn't involve too much memorization from the boys.  This past den meeting we practiced the skits and got the backgrounds and props ready.  To pass off some Wolf Electives we painted scenery, basically a forest and camping scene.  We used some simple PVC pipe stands from a previous church activity to hang the butcher paper on.   To pass off some Bear Electives, we made paper bag masks of bears and squirrels.  It was a fun den meeting and the boys really enjoyed being silly.  I arranged with a nursing home that we do our piano recitals at, to have the Cub scouts come and perform for the residents.  It ended up being a busy weekend for a lot of families so our attendance was really small and I had to fill in a little more, but it ended up being a pretty special memory anyway.

                                                        The Invisible Bench skit

                                                                Big and Tall Skit

                                            Tom the Toad Song

                     One Man Tent

                 Camp Punch

                      I Met a Bear Song

                                                       I am a Child of God
This is our 2nd time as Cub Scouts to the nursing home.  Last time we did skits and a Magic Show.  But one tradition we try to have is to end with this favorite Mormon children's song/hymn.  It was sweet to see many residents feeling touched and commented on how soon we could come again.  Hopefully every year.... :)

At the end of the month, we'll have a special Pack Meeting/ BBQ and entertain the parents with our silly skits.  I think the boys will be  pretty proud of their funny acting.

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